Role and Remit of the Board

The role of the Board is to recommend to the Scottish Ministers individuals for appointment to judicial offices within the Board's remit and to provide advice to Scottish Ministers in connection with such appointments.

The Board is responsible for recommending individuals suitable for appointment to the following judicial offices:

  • Judge of the Court of Session
  • Chair of the Scottish Land Court
  • Sheriff Principal
  • Sheriff
  • Part-time Sheriff
  • Summary Sheriff
  • Temporary Judge, except in cases where the individual to be appointed already holds or has held one of the following offices:

- Judge of the European Court

- Judge of the European Court of Human Rights

- Chair of the Scottish Land Court

- Sheriff Principal

- Sheriff

The Scottish Ministers may specify other judicial offices to come within the Board's remit but can only do so by laying a Scottish Statutory Instrument before the Scottish Parliament.

Selection of Individuals for Appointments

The selection of individuals for recommendation must be made solely on merit and an individual may only be selected for recommendation if he or she is of good character. Only the judicial and legal members of the Board may assess the applicants' knowledge of the law or their skill and competence in the interpretation and application of the law. Decisions about an applicant’s suitability to be recommended for appointment are made by the whole Board.