The Board is committed to attracting applicants of the highest calibre and to recommending to the Scottish Ministers suitable individuals for judicial office who have been selected through processes that are fair, transparent and command respect.

The Board takes seriously its duty to encourage diversity among those who are eligible to apply for judicial office, while ensuring that merit remains the principle for recommending applicants for appointment. The Board is working to encourage all eligible applicants - regardless of gender, age, social or ethnic background, marital status and sexual orientation - to apply for judicial office.

The Board undertakes to ensure that those who apply will undergo a selection process that assesses their abilities and personal qualities fairly and openly. In this way the Board is confident that the best individuals will be appointed.

For further information on diversity issues in the judicial appointments process, please refer to the report Continuous Improvement - An Analysis of Scotland's Judicial Appointments Process and the Judicial Appointments Board Diversity Strategy.