The Process
The Process


The Interview

 The interview, with the full panel, will last between 45 minutes to an hour.  Panel members will pose a mix of competency, scenario based and other questions directly relating to the criteria for appointment, inviting further evidence and specific examples in relation to each.

 Sample Interview Questions can be found here.


In advance


·         Re-read your application form.

·         Familiarise yourself with the required skills and qualities for the role you have applied for.

·         Identify examples from your past experience which you can use to demonstrate that you possess the relevant skills and qualities.

·         If you lack direct experience, what else can you tell the panel that demonstrates your potential to fulfil the office?

·         Anticipate questions the panel may ask.

·         Practise your responses using the STAR model.


On the day


·         You are very welcome to take notes and a copy of your application form in to your interview.

·         You are also very welcome to take a pen and some blank paper in to your interview. The panel would encourage you to briefly note down the question asked before considering the question and your response. This reduces the chance of you missing key words or phrases.

·         Don't rush your response to the interview questions. Take a moment to properly consider the question and, if it is a competency based question, think of the best example you can give to demonstrate the criteria being explored in the question.

Each individual example should follow a clear structure. The following structure may assist:



% of answer


 Briefly outline the situation - to give context.



 State what you were trying to achieve.



 What action did you take? Explain what you did, how you did it and why you did it. What did you actually do? What was your contribution and role?



 Describe the result. What happened and what did you learn? Did you achieve what you set out to do? What difficulties and challenges did you face? Did you have to adapt to achieve your goal?




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