NEW Annual Competitions

28 Jan 19

Over the past year, JABS have been working hard to find ways in which our appointments process can be as straightforward as possible. Improvements have already been made to help applicants understand the qualities needed to become a successful judge, in our “What Makes a Good Judge?” project revealed earlier this month.

In addition to this, JABS are pleased to announce the launch of annual shrieval competitions. From Spring, we will be recruiting to the Offices of Sheriff and Summary Sheriff on an annual basis at the same time each year. We hope that this allows candidates to better plan out their career and prepare themselves for judicial office.

We would like to extend thanks to all parties who helped us to bring this together to make the whole process more fluid and collegiate.

To keep up to date with upcoming news and recruitment rounds, please register your interest in the link at the bottom of this page, and follow us on twitter @JudgeAppts. 

More updates will be announced – so watch this space!

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