Legal Appointment Advisors 

Since JABS was established in 2002 its Board Members, both judicial/legal and lay, have undertaken the front line roles of assessing applicants’ suitability for judicial appointment at sift and of meeting applicants in person at interview.

Their assessments have enabled the Board to take decisions on its recommendations to the First Minister for appointment. With a growth in the scale of appointment rounds and widening of the Board’s range of responsibilities with the introfiveuction of the Tribunals Scotland Act 2014, statutory provision was made for the Board to appoint Assistants to play a part in its assessment panels.

The Board appointed a Legal Appointment Advisor, for the period 1 January 2024 - 31 December 2027.

The Legal Appointment Advisor receive a fee of £296 per day and are eligible to claim for expenses incurred on Board business.

Gillian is a Scottish qualified solicitor who has worked predominantly in the policy and criminal justice fields with her experience including Scottish Government, COPFS, SCTS, SLAB, the Judicial Institute for Scotland and the Law Society of Scotland. Her work focuses now on academic teaching at the Open University as well as Edinburgh and Strathclyde Universities on a range of topics as well as developing course materials and writing on medical/legal issues including fatal accident inquiries. 

Gillian also holds a non-executive role at NHS Education for Scotland and as a legal member of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission. She also holds various lay roles including with the General Dental Council and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. 

She brings legal and practical knowledge and experience from the Scottish justice sector including in assessment and quality assurance.

Away from her work, she has discovered pickleball and wild swimming. 

Gillian was appointed in January 2024 for a four year period.

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